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Refused or Pending Visas

Pending under Section 221(g) of the INA:

Administrative processing: If your visa application was refused with a "221 (g)" notation for further administrative processing, please read the instructions below.  

The Consulate cannot provide additional details on your case status. This processing is mandatory under Section 221g of the U.S. Immigration and nationality Act, and cannot be expedited. We cannot predict how long this process will take as it varies based on the individual circumstances of each case.  When administrative processing is complete, we will contact you by email and/or telephone with instructions on how to submit your passport.

Please check the report below for CEAC barcodes for administrative processing completed before January 6, 2014.  We stopped posting case status reports online as of January 6, 2014 and now contact each applicant individually when their processing is complete.

Additional documents/information: If you were issued a white or green handout, please follow the instructions in that letter carefully in order for us to continue processing your visa application.

Refused under Section 214(b) of the INA:

If your visa was refused 214(b), it means your application has been denied. This decision cannot be appealed. However, you may reapply by following the standard nonimmgrant visa process. All required fees must be paid again, and you must schedule a new appointment. Please review the information on the letter given at the time of your refusal.

Important Announcement

  • The U.S. Mission to India Launches "Check My Visa Application Status" Online.

    The U.S. Mission to India is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of State's new system, CEAC Status Check, can now be accessed at "Check My Visa Application Status." This tool, which allows all visa applicants to verify 24/7 the status of their case online, offers better customer service to visa applicants and continued transperancy in our processing. For more information, please read the complete announcement here.