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2011 Press Releases

American Dance Group Engages with Ahmedabad Youth

January 24, 2011

Mumbai – Following a rocking performance at Chaos Festival 2011 on January 21 evening, American street dance group HaviKoro, brought to Ahmedabad by the American Center, spent the last three days doing outreach with youth in Ahmedabad. 

“HaviKoro represents the best of hip hop from the heart of America to the hearts of western Indian youth.  As anybody who saw them can attest, their dancing and beatboxing skills are a vibrant and energetic means of expression that transcends boundaries and creates a special bond between the youth of our two countries.  We are especially pleased to have been able to arrange workshops for underprivileged youth through partner NGOs and our own ACCESS program,” Swati Patel, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, said.

HaviKoro conducted two workshops with the NGO Manav Sadhan on January 23, including one at Sabarmati Ashram.  As the spiritual home of Gandhi, revered by America’s own legendary civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as well as President Obama, it was a fitting venue.

On January 24, HaviKoro conducted a workshop with students of the U.S. Government’s English Access Microscholarship Program (ACCESS) which empowers non-elite 14 to 18 year-olds around the world to study English.  In Gujarat, the American Center partners with Pratham Gujarat to conduct English language training at eight locations in Ahmedabad, Nadiad, Baroda, Surat, and Mehsana, for 200 students.  Worldwide, 20,000 students around the world are studying English thanks to ACCESS.

The group’s four-day stay in Ahmedabad impressed the Havikoro Crew.  “We are pleased to have been invited by the American Center to take part in this program. It is an honor for us to represent American hip hop in western India and we have been deeply impressed by the quality of dance, performance, and effort by many of the youth who participated in our workshops over the last few days,” Mario Jaramillo, HaviKoro leader, said.