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2011 Press Releases

Indore Resident Wins American Center’s "Women: The Power of India" Photo Contest

April 15, 2011

Mumbai - The American Center officially announced its "Women: The Power of India” Photo Contest winners today.  Dilip Lokre, from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, won the competition with his beautiful photo of a women and her baby working in a field of chilies.  Kunal Bhatia from Mumbai placed second with his photo of young girls on a motorbike in Mumbai’s Chor Bazaar.   Charvi Parikh from Mumbai and Kush Badhwar from Navi Mumbai, respectively, tied for third place with Badhwar’s photo being the “Fan Favorite.”

Lokre will receive a Flip Camera as first prize.  Bhatia will receive a two-night stay at the International Centre, Goa and the other finalists will receive two tickets to the “Vagina Monologues” staged by Poor-Box Productions.  Eminent Vadodara-based photographer Rahul Gajjar and American photographer Janet Delaney, looking at aesthetic quality and how well the photos illustrated the theme, served as the contest's chief judges. 

The theme of the photography contest underscored the commitment of both the U.S. and India to the empowerment of women.   The contest was in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. “This photography contest was a way for us to reflect on progress made by women, to call for change, and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities,” Cultural Affairs Officer Angela L. Gemza said. 

In Lokre’s caption of his winning photo he noted, “India is full of women who help shape society and secure a better future for themselves and for their children. Most of these women work in anonymity, are not given awards, and may not even be appreciated for their work.”  Through the contest and the inspiring photos that participants from across western India contributed, a better understanding of the important contributions women make to society has been achieved.

Rahul Gajjar congratulated the American Center for hosting the competition.  He said “Has one ever realized that in spite of challenges they manage to survive. These species of the human race sweats it out 24 hours of the day with us men not realizing how hard they work.  I would like to congratulate each and every participant in the competition for making every endeavor in creating fabulous imagery. It has been very difficult for me to judge this competition because each entry is spectacular in its own way.”

The contest was run in collaboration with the International Center, Goa and Poor-Box Productions.

All winners will also receive a free American Library or American Corner membership.  The American Library is located on 4 New Marine Lines in Churchgate, Mumbai.  Day use of the library and its 14,000 volume collection is free.  Borrowing privileges and free Wi-Fi and internet access come with membership. The American Corner, located at the Ahmedabad Management Association in Ahmedabad, has a 1000-volume collection, a language lab, online databases, and serves as a public platform for film screenings and discussions and lectures by U.S. experts.  All holdings of the entire American Library collection throughout India can be viewed online on

This contest is one of many run by the American Center Mumbai.  To find out more about American Center Mumbai programs throughout western India, find us on Facebook (, follow us on twitter on @amcentermumbai, or text "Join US" to 54999 to receive SMS updates.