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Birth Certificates

Each applicant must submit an original and a clear photocopy of his/her birth certificate.  The certificate should include the applicant’s name, date & place of birth, the names of both parents, an annotation by the issuing office indicating that it is an extract from its official records, and the seal of the issuing office, i.e. the municipal authorities or the village authorities (gram panchayat or talati-cum-mantri).  The certificate must be in the original, official language of the state in which you were born.

Unobtainable or incomplete birth certificates

If your birth was not recorded, please submit a “no record of birth registration” letter from the relevant municipality or village authorities along with secondary evidence (see below).  If your birth record has been destroyed or the municipality or village authorities will not issue one, submit a letter from the municipality or village authorities stating so along with secondary evidence of birth (see next paragraph).  If your name is not mentioned in the birth certificate, submit the certificate along with secondary evidence.  If any details are missing in the birth certificate or if there is a discrepancy regarding your date of birth or name, submit the certificate along with secondary evidence.  If your birth was registered more than three years after you were born, you must submit the certificate along with a magistrate’s order concerning the late registration.

Acceptable secondary evidence of birth

Following are examples of secondary evidence of birth (which should also include your name, date and place of birth; names of both parents; and the seal of the issuing office): a baptismal certificate, an adoption decree, a school record, a notarized affidavit from a close relative (a parent, a close relative, a neighbor or friend who was present at the time of your birth) on the appropriate stamp paper which must be sworn before a First Class Magistrate.  The person making this affidavit must state how he/she knows your family and how he/she knows the facts of your birth.

Certificates for children who will travel later

Birth records must be presented for all unmarried children under age 21 even if they do not wish to immigrate at this time.  (If children are deceased, so state, giving year of death.)   If any adopted children will apply later, you must submit a certified copy of the adoption decree or deed.  Photocopies are acceptable provided the original is available for inspection by the consular officer.

If your birth certificate or secondary evidence of birth was issued in a local language, you must submit the document as well as a notarized English translation.