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Arrest of a U.S. Citizen

While traveling or residing in India, U.S. citizens are subject to Indian laws. 

Here is a list of local attorneys (PDF 368KB)

If a U.S. citizen has been arrested, please contact the U.S. Consulate General in Mumbai at 022-2672-4000. If you are calling from the United States, first dial 011-91-22-. 

The role of the Consulate in an arrest is to ensure that:
1. The arrestee is accorded the rights and privileges guaranteed under Indian law
2. The arrestee knows the charges against him/her and is given reasonably prompt opportunity for defense
3. The arrestee is not mistreated in jail or while out on bail.

The Consulate cannot demand or obtain the release of a prisoner. A U.S. passport does not entitle its bearer to any special privileges. For more information on arrests and the justice system in India, click here.